- gelato -

At Kekou we love our gelato!

- Ingredients -

 We make our base from scratch, using the simplest of ingredients - egg yolk, milk, sugar and a touch of cream. 

We DO NOT use any fillers (such as guar gum) or corn syrup typically used in gelato making.  As a result, our gelato may not have the texture usually associated with gelato (frothy smoothness), but this is not a mistake.  We prefer a clean sharp taste, and lighter product devoid of gumminess.  This is how we choose to serve our product.


Every item we make is used with the actual ingredient itself.  As a result, each flavour will vary depending on the ingredients use, and will vary in texture - for example, ginger will have a grainer element, durian a creamy element, red bean a heartier element, and soforth.  

- Asian Influenced Flavours -

The asian palette tends to be lighter in sweetness and devoid of excess creaminess, and we make our product with that in mind, using a wide range of asian ingredients.  All of our flavours find inspiration not only from typical desserts (black sesame, red bean) but from drinks (roasted oolong tea), food (coconut sticky rice) and even medicine (24 herb tea).

Our philosophy is straight forward, we try not to muddle too many ingredients together, but rather to present a clear and simple taste, made in the best way possible.  

- Technique & Equipment -

Equipment is an important part of our kitchen.  Our Effe machines are considered 'old school' vertical mixers, and we choose to use them because they offer us the ability to control the amount of over-run for each of our flavours, since no flavour is alike.  This allows us to create a denser product.  

Our holding cabinets are pozzetti style (also considered 'old school' as you can't see the gelato).  These keep sunshine and dust away from our product, to hold it in its original state longer.

We also 'pasteurize' in house.  We DO NOT purchase mixes that often contain stabilizers to prolong shelf life and texture, but as mentioned, instead opt to make our own - allowing us to create a product that uses only the simplest of ingredients.  

- Flavours -

In our rotation we have flavours such as:

Hojicha, Earl Grey, Vietnamese Coffee, Peanut Sesame, Green Bean Coconut, Almond Tofu, Jasmine Tea, Durian, Black Sesame, Whiskey Green Tea, HK Milk Tea, Thai Iced Tea, Hazelnut Goji Berry, Dark Chocolate Cherry, Strawberry Sake, Vegan Coconut, Soursop & Mango.  (Flavours may change based on availability.)

- popsicles -

Our popsicles are made in house with real fruit, and we offer a variety of both vegan and milk based options.  Popsicles are only available during the summer season.