covid info -

Self Serve Kiosks

Available health information has shown that the likelihood of getting covid-19 from a living breathing person with infected droplets is much higher then from surfaces.  

As a result we've tried to completely eliminate the interaction between staff and customers.  Hopefully, by protecting our staff (limiting their risk of covid exposure through interaction, such as contact ordering with potentially 100s of people a day and interacting back with customers), we will be protecting our customers.

Why do we not clean the kiosk after every customer?  We clean the kiosks throughout the day, but to have a dedicated staff member on the floor interacting with customers after every transaction would be adding to staff/customer risk.  Hence the term "social" or "physical" distancing.

All kiosks are equipped with hand sanitizer for guests.

Sanitizing Food Surfaces

Every customer food contact surface is sanitized after every single use.   We hope to put our energy and effort into sanitizing where it counts.

Protecting Staff from Each Other


Dedicated Spaces

Masks are required every shift, to protect staff from each other.

Every staff member has their own break area (+6 feet apart), their own personal facilities and their own personal hand washing sink in addition to personal labeled bottles of sanitizer spray etc.  All are sanitize at the end of every shift.

Gloves & General Cleanliness

We provide gloves for our staff, but we do not enforce its use, because if not used properly or disposed of properly, it can easily be contaminated without knowing.

Instead we are focused on enforcing proper hand washing and our emphasis is on good hygiene and properly cleaned and sanitized equipment.

We try to keep up to date with the latest information, and will change any of our services based on what is directed by the health department.